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    Great Neck Community School employs and has available staff who promote the physical, intellectual, social, cultural and emotional well-being of the children. Great Neck Community School provides supervision of the staff responsible for the care of children. Workloads and assignments must be arranged to provide consistency of care to children and to allow staff to fulfill their respective responsibilities.

    When Great Neck Community School is in operation the Director is on the premises. If the Director is away, the Business Administrator is designated to act on behalf of the Director. The Summer Director (a teacher at the school) can act if the Director and the Business Administrator are not in attendance. When Great Neck Community School is in operation the minimum ratios of staff to children is ALWAYS observed to insure the health and safety of the children in care.

    Health Rules

    1. Each child entering the school must have a complete health examination each year. Medical forms with up to date immunization records and medical recommendations are kept in the school office and must be submitted prior to the start of school.
    2. Please do not send your child to school if he/she shows SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS. Children with showing symptoms of illness such as runny noses, coughs, diarrhea and fever WILL be sent home.
    3. Children who have experienced vomiting and/or diarrhea should be kept home from school for 24 hours from the last signs of illness. Children who experience these symptoms in school WILL be sent home.
    4. Please inform the school if your child has contracted or been exposed to a contagious disease so that proper notification may be made to other families in our school.
    5. A doctor’s note is required for all children returning to school after a communicable disease: e.g. Chicken Pox, Fifth’s Disease, Strep, Coxsackie virus and Conjunctivitis.
    6. It is important to advise us if your child has an upsetting experience outside of school so that we may better understand and deal with his/her behavior.
    7. The school should be notified whenever parents will be away and the child is to be cared for by another adult.


    If emergency medical attention is necessary and the parents cannot be reached, your family physician or other indicated caretaker will be notified. In September, an extensive Emergency Contact Form will be mailed home to each family. Completion of this form is mandatory and must be returned on the date stated at time of receipt.

    Please be sure that you have:
    1. Signed and returned an Emergency Treatment Form.
    2. Returned two (2) Rolodex Cards – complete with both parent’s current work numbers, cellular phone numbers and current email addresses.

    Allergies & Special Diets

    If your child is on a special diet or has an allergy, you must have your child physician complete a Health Plan Form so that we can plan for your child’s needs in advance.


    Medications should be administered at home whenever possible. Great Neck Community School will not administer any medications another than an EPI Pen or Benadryl (as prescribed by the child’s doctor). Some of the GNCS have been through MAT (Medication Administration Training).

    Consulting Psychologist

    Our consulting psychologist is available to teachers and, upon request, to parents. She advises on methods of dealing with normal nursery school concerns such as shyness, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, moodiness, tantrums, death or divorce in their home. Her consultations help teachers and parents deepen and expand their interactions with individual children according to the needs of the children and their own individual styles.


    For the protection of our children and staff, Great Neck Community School has a coded security system both at the front gate and at the front door to the school. Each family is assigned a four digit personal code which permits access to the school grounds through the gate. A separate three-digit code unlocks the front door to the school. Please do not share your code information unnecessarily. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU MEMORIZE YOUR CODES and use them to enter the school.

    The system allows full access to parents and caregivers who need to enter the school at times other than arrival or dismissal. We ask that all visitors ensure that the front gate is closed behind them when entering or exiting the premises. All visitors must come to the office and sign in Log Book. The Director and/or Office Manager escort them to their designated classroom. All visitors are scheduled by appointment.

    Visitor Control Procedures

    Our Visitor’s policy is necessary to provide for the protection, health, safety and welfare of the children in our care. Visitors are defined as non-parents or authorized family members, Special Education Teachers (SEITs), Speech Pathologists, student volunteers and authorized observers.

    The Great Neck Community School as a Parent cooperative school welcomes our student’s parents and families as participants and values their contributions to our program. However, parents must arrange for classroom visits with the teachers.

    Visitors on a tour of the school MUST ALWAYS be accompanied by the Director or the Business Administrator. Tours are scheduled and listed on the main calendar. Personal information of the Touring Visitor(s) is requested by the Administration when a tour appointment is arranged. All visitors to the Great Neck Community School must sign in upon entry to the premises There is a clipboard at the entrance to the Office.) These visitors must indicate in writing the date of the visit and the time of entry to the school. Visitors must clearly state in writing the purpose of the visit. Visitors must sign out upon departure from the school and indicate in writing the time of departure.

    Release of Children

    Children may only be released to adults other than their parents who are specified on the registration information form or when Great Neck Community School has received written permission to release the child to the specified adult. Permission is kept on file in the school office or given by a note sent to school on the day in question. Individuals not known to the school who will be picking up your child will be asked to provide identification. This is for the protection of your child.

    Accidents & Injuries

    We make every effort at Great Neck Community School to insure that your child will be safe. We take all appropriate measures for proper supervision. We are fully insured and properly staffed.

    However, accidents can happen, and parents are informed of any scratch or bruise that occurred during the day. One parent is telephoned immediately for any injuries or when the child is not feeling well. Children who become ill during the day are expected to be picked up as soon as a parent is notified. If a parent is not reachable, the school will call the person listed under emergency contact. Please inform your “emergency contact” of this possibility.

    Fire Drills

    Fire drills are held regularly, once a month. The Nassau County Fire Marshall inspects our premises annually.

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