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  • Summer Fun, GNCS Style

    The Great Neck Community School offers children 2 through 5 years of age, a fun and stimulating environment to explore and learn. Our stimulating summer program is designed to meet the intelectual, physical, social-emotional and creative needs of al the children. We provide an enriching, hands-on program with an objective toward developing your child’s self-confidence, independence, and initiative. At GNCS your child wil find joy in discovery while exploring the depths of his or her imagination!

  • Check out our themes for Summer 2017!

    July 5th-July 14th: NATURE & DISCOVERY

    Children will explore nature,animals and the natural world around them in this 2 week camp. Through hands-on outdoor discovery and experiences children will explore and create their own indoor and outdoor gardens, explore plants, trees, and animals that live in their own backyards. Through gardening, art, movement, music and play, children will connect with nature in many ways!

    July 17th-July 28th:EARTH SCIENCE

    Get outdoors and discover the wonders of the natural world! Explore the earth, the sun and water through hands-on, developmentally appropriate science experiments, outdoor exploration and art. This 2 week camp provides an amazing opportunity for your child to experiment and explore earth science in an engaging, fun-filled environment!

    July 31st-August 11th: MUSIC & SPORTS

    Both Music and Sports offer your child the opportunity to explore, work cooperatively and think creatively, while having fun! During this 2 week camp experience children will explore music, instruments, creative movement experiences and create their own musical instruments and school outdoor music wall. Children will be introduced to a variety of sports, basic sports skills, games with rules, and fun water games and activities! Working cooperatively will help your child develop a sense of teamwork, independence and self-esteem. The camp will end with a cooperative Sing-a-long.

    August 14th-August 25th: CREATIVE ART

    During this 2 week camp experience, children will develop an appreciation for art, will be exposed to art from many cultures and will build confidence to express themselves through art. Children will participate in child-centered, hands-on art activities, both indoors and outdoors, inspired by nature, great artists and their own imaginations! Children will also participate in daily outdoor water experiences, sports activities and summer fun and discovery!

  • Our Facilities

    Besides the high quality of our curriculum, many find the warmth and charm of our schoolhouse and grounds good reason for sending their child to GNCS summer camp. Inside, we have six fully equipped classrooms where children explore, play, and create. Outside, under the shade of giant trees, our gem of a playground is filled with permanent and moveable climbing equipment, playhouses, picnic tables, sensory tables, and water play areas. With large sheds filled with wagons, balls, pails and shovels, your child can find joy in discovery while exploring the depths of his or her imagination.

  • Special Activities

    Throughout the summer, we have many special activities, including field trips for 5 year olds, special guests like sing-along groups, and theme days including Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day & Backwards Day

    Expert Staff

    Our Summer Director and Business Administrator will be on hand throughout the summer to ensure the smooth functioning of the program. Your child will be guided by a certified teacher who is trained in CPR and First Aid, as well as qualified assistants.

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